Teya Salat


So having a S60v3 or S60v5 phone? and don't know how to sign an unsigned file to put it in your mobile then this guide is for you. Here it will teach you how to sign an unsigned file to use it on your phone. The first step involved in signing a file is to get your certificate. How To Get Your Certificate: Get your certificate from the link below:
OPDA is the largest website provide certificate for you. You can get your certificate in about some hours or maximum about 1 day. All you need to do is just register your account there.

Click on the link above to open OPDA site. It will open in a new Window.
Now click on the Register link.

After completing registration log-in and select My Certificate.

Hit on Apply cer button.Now enter all the required information and then click Submit application button.

A message will appear showing Operation Sucessfully!

After that the system will redirect you to My Certificate Page where you can check the status of your certificate.

As you can see that the status of your certificate is set to applying (Shown in yellow box) Now after some or 24 hours, log-in again and check that the state has set to normal that means that you can download your certificate.

Download Both .cer & .key Files. Sign Files With Your .cer & .key Files That You Got: So got your certificate? then lets get started.

First you need to setup a signing-tool on your pc that is SignSIS- GUI. You can download it from below:


After Downloading, start SignSIS GUI. Now press button 1 and then locate to the path of .cer file. Press button 2 then locate to the path of .key file. Press button 3 then locate to the path of application file you need to sign. Press SignSiS that is button.

A small pop-up window appear with "Successful signed!"

Thats it. Now transfer the signed file to your phone, install it and ENJOY!